Ginger is an important cash crop for largely subsistence farmers, and provides one of the main sources of cash income in the Mid-hills and Terai serving as an important counter force to rural-urban migration by providing income generation opportunities.

According to the FAO data (2014), Nepal is the third largest producer of ginger in the world. About 1.2 million people are directly involved in ginger cultivation and production in 5 zones of the country. The total area of ginger cultivation was around 20,000 hectares in the year 2012/13 and total production was 235,000 metric tonnes. Dried Ginger Slices is one of the major exportable agricultural products of Nepal. To contribute in the agro based exportable product, Organic Mountain Flavor Pvt. Ltd (OMF) has been exporting dried ginger slice since 2013.

There are three varieties of ginger produced in Nepal. They are as follows:

  • Bose Ginger (Low Fiber Variety)
  • Majhaula Ginger (Medium Semi Fiber Variety)
  • Nase Ginger (Fiber Rich Variety)

Majhula (Semi Fiber)

Bose (Low Fiber)
Nase (High Fiber)