Organic Mountain Flavor Private Limited (OMF) was established in 2013 as joint venture Company between two Nepalese companies (The Organic Valley Pvt. Ltd and Investors Home Pvt. Ltd.) and one Dutch company (OMF BV). It has distinction of being the first organic sourcing and processing company in Nepal. It only deals with Organic quality ginger in order to secure highest quality ginger and retain this quality during the processing of the ginger. OMF is improving lives of rural farmers with direct cooperation from mid and western regions of Nepal. Moreover, it is also promoting sustainable farming focusing on reducing land degradation, deforestation and maintaining the ecological balance. Throughout, its tenure OMF has proven itself as a reliable partner, operating with extensive knowledge of spice trade in accordance to the European standards.

OMF has been able to attain sustained success for all its hard work and dedication. Some of its major achievement has been listed below:

SCCI Award 2072: First FDI for Company dealing with Agricultural product and its processing & export
Appreciation for being first export agro processing company from District Council of Surkhet in 2072


“To improve the lives of rural people in Nepal through appropriate market creation of organic agro forestry products and community-based environmentally friendly products”

“To reduce poverty, reduce the effects of climate change, decrease land degradation, decrease the use of harmful chemicals in farming, and support environmentally sustainable farming methods that will preserve our valuable ecosystem for future generations.”


  • Accessing Feasibility or establishing satellite stations for ginger facilities in Mid and Far-Western regions of Nepal.
  • Sourcing support to procure standing lines of credit for working capital requirements.
  • Expanding collectors’ network.
  • Recruiting long-term farm contracts.
  • Raising Impact equity stroke loans.