Who We Are

Organic Mountain Flavor Pvt. Ltd. (OMF) is an international joint venture company that believes in a socially beneficial business model. It intends to fill the market gap and optimize the production value chain in Nepal for ginger, turmeric and other spices for international markets.

Organic quality ginger from Nepal

OMF is a company in Nepal pioneering in sourcing and processing organic ginger. We have taken on the challenge to create a positive impact on the agro business in Nepal.
Nepal is the country of origin for a large number of herbs and spices that are consumed all over the world. Looking specifically at ginger, Nepal is the 4th largest producer in the world. Nepalese ginger, however, does not receive a good price. The main reason for the low price is that Nepal does not have a high quality ginger processing industry. About 90% of Nepalese fresh ginger was directly exported to India but for the last three years India has not been procuring from Nepal.
Our main priority is to secure the organic quality ginger and to retain it during the processing cycle. For this reason, we are undergoing the certification process of our products with ECOCERT.
The processing unit in Surkhet was established in 2013. It has the capacity to process 600 tons of fresh ginger. Recently we have expanded to the Far-West region in Nepal that have the capacity for processing 400 tons of fresh ginger.

Introduction of OMF Ginger and Turmeric

Ginger and turmeric cultivated in the foothills of the Himalayas has its own distinctive taste. The natural environment of the mountains gives ginger and turmeric a unique richness of flavor and aroma. OMF focuses in conducting its business, with the farmers in remote areas and small landholdings, with the aim to empower them. Quality tests verify that the ginger produced in these hilly regions exceed the standards of the International spice market.

Why OMF ginger and Turmeric?

OMF preserves the purity of the land in the mountain areas by encouraging only organic farming and thus maintaining the quality of the produce and attracting the markets worldwide.

There are three types of ginger produced in Nepal

  • Bose Ginger (Low Fiber)
  • Majhaula Ginger (Medium Semi fiber)
  • Nase Ginger (Fiber Rich)